Welcome to 2016; hope everyone had a safe, healthy and enjoyable New Year.
Anyone who has been in the filter industry long enough knows that politics play a role in the directions taken in advancing technology. In February, Bloomberg examined the Obama administration’s decision to walk away from clean coal in favor of wind, solar, and natural gas efforts.

I was proud to see one of our clients, SaskPower, touted as a full-scale clean-coal plant. SaskPower’s Boundary Dam doesn’t simply bury its emissions. The plant sells its carbon dioxide to an oil company that in turn transforms the compressed gas into a marketable byproduct.
Learn more about carbon capture in Canada:

Now, I’m not trying to wade into the politics of clean coal. Rather what this article made me think about is the importance of educating our future generations in Science/Technology/Engineering/Math. We need to keep encouraging our young people to learn more about STEM and become involved in developing the technologies that make the difference in the future of emissions, fuel production, and filtration.

BHS has been in the filter industry for decades and works with universities for laboratory filtration testing, conducting filtration seminars and working with students on their senior or graduate-level projects.  Contact me if you have an idea for how we can get involved.