Photo by Talha Hassan on Unsplash

Technology is always changing. That is part of what makes our job and CPI process so interesting. Keeping up with new processes helps us to stay on our toes.

The AICHE recently focused a special section on Scaling Up Bioenergy Technologies. Author David Edwards noted that, “the approach developed for the traditional chemical process industries (CPI) projects must be modified to account for the challenges (changes) in the fluids and solids for bioenergy (biochemical) processes.”

We’ve experienced this need to modify our approach at BHS-Sonthofen in lab testing, pilot testing, and scaling up for continuous biochemical processes. We’ve worked to develop optimum continuous pressure and vacuum filtration technologies for biochemical applications.

The important thing was to test, test, test. Yes, I’ve written that before. But Edwards would agree. He suggested skipping a step is possible if there’s sufficient data beforehand, but you simply can’t with biochemical processes.

It’s true. The process is too new. You need to get a full understanding of what you’re dealing with throughout the process to truly make these new technologies work. Good luck. Let me know if I can help.