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Importance of Good Professional Sense

Chemical Process Industry engineers don’t encounter ethical situations every day, fortunately. Yet, when we do, the decision-making is heavily weighted by our awareness of the importance of the potential safety, environmental and quality-control hazards associated with what we do. oil stain


Ethical Engineers are Prepared

On the golf course recently, I was reminded of Brian Davis. Do you remember? In 2010, he called a two-stroke penalty on himself in tournament play. His violation, nudging a reed aside on the 18th, cost him $411,000 as he ultimately finished second to Jim Furyk. golferPhoto by Courtney Cook…

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Pertaining to Particle Size Analysis Methods

  particle wavePhoto by Richard Horvath on Unsplash When I say “Particle Size,” you say “Analysis.” When I say “Particle Size,” you say _________. Who says we can’t have fun with particle size analysis methods? I know BHS-Sonthofen’s latest A&SoF newsletter has some interesting…


Cookies are yummy, but avoid cookie-cutters.

cookiesPhoto by Christina Branco on Unsplash We can all agree that cookies are yummy. Cookie monster is not the only creature out there who loves to chow down on a tasty chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin (my favorite are Thin Mints). What is not so good, though, is using a cookie-cutter…


Build Your Library with Basics

libraryPhoto by Paul Melki on Unsplash With the advent of e-books and our ability to access archives of trade magazines online, it’s become easier for engineers to have ready access to a rich, professional library. This is especially good if you had to complete some work during March Madness;…