Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash

Need more convincing that battery technology is a growing field? This week the International Battery Seminar and Exhibit takes place in Orlando, Florida. In 2022, more than 1,500 battery technologists attended. This year, the event is expected to be even larger with many speakers from around the world. I’m excited to attend and discuss battery tech with others as interested in this area as I am.

The March 20 to 23 Seminar has four streams:

  • R & D: Battery Research and Recycling
  • Manufacturing: Performance and Supply Chain
  • Engineering: Safety, Management Systems and Intelligence
  • Applications: Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Automotive and Electronics

I have the opportunity to present in the R & D stream for recycling. The focus of this stream is to review latest advances in recycling technologies for producing sustainable battery materials from different recycling sources. My presentation, “Process Solid-Liquid Separation and Drying for Geothermal Brine, Battery Material Powder and Black Mass for Recycling,” addresses a need in the market for engineers to understand solid-liquid separation and drying technologies. As lithium and battery materials production increases in scalability, engineers need to know more about automated operation for improved efficiency, reliability, and safety. This topic is also highlighted in my website’s Lithium & Battery Materials section. 

Battery technology decision making

In the lithium, battery materials and recycling market, there is a rapid proliferation of technological advances. I particularly appreciate the cross-disciplinary nature of the work worldwide.

Operating companies need “Key-Shaped” engineers who have several areas of expertise with varying degrees of depth. At each step, requirements will change. Plant personnel must continue to ask critical questions to select the optimum technologies for producing high quality materials. Especially now, with increasing time and technology pressures to produce battery grade material from various sources and to recycle production scrap and lithium-ion batteries.

The information I present provides guidance to the engineers facing these critical process technology decisions for solid-liquid separation and drying. I address considerations for the various complex steps in battery manufacturing and recycling. I’ll provide criteria for technology selection with the objective of developing creative process solutions to achieve battery grade quality and a reliable and cost-effective operation.

If you aren’t in Orlando, you can still view the presentation slides. If you’re in Florida, please contact me to discuss. Otherwise, let’s schedule a virtual meeting or call. Let us get more efficient together.