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“Cheers!” or as the people of Iceland say it, Skál (pronounced “sk owl”). Let’s salute another circular economy blog with a twist of liquor in it! This one looks at the geothermal circular economy and Icelandic gin.

Loyal readers may remember by blog about  the Beer Industry and Sustainable Water with a Cherry Stout. Well, as much as I like a cold beer, I also like to practice yoga and run. In the picture I’m sharing I am practicing a headstand on a trip I took to Iceland. My wife and I went and drove the Southern ring, seeing waterfalls, rafting near icebergs, hiking on the glaciers and golfing in a volcano. Iceland is a great place to visit. We particularly enjoyed the friendly people and the wonderful seafood, fruits, and Hibini Gin and Blueberry Liquors. OK, that’s enough being a travel agent.

Powering a Country with Geothermal Circular Economy

I bring up the gin and liquors because this is the basis for the blog… clean and renewable geothermal energy. A recent article in Power (April 2022), Iceland Offers Case Study of Geothermal’s Powerful Potential, describes the state of geothermal energy in Iceland and how geothermal resources generate electricity, heat homes, grow food, and support manufacture of various products.

The article informs readers all Iceland’s electricity is now produced with renewable energy sources:

  • Geothermal is a vital part of the energy mix, powering about 90% of the nation’s central heating, and 30% of electricity, with hydro­power accounting for the other 70% of electricity.
  • Iceland has both high-temperature and low-temperature geothermal resources, with six geothermal power plants generating electricity.
  • Between 1990 and 2014, Iceland saw a 25% population increase, and a 1,700% increase in geothermal electricity production.

The article further discusses how Iceland is pioneering other renewable energy innovations with “geothermal parks” as well as exporting its know-how all over the world. It is an interesting read and demonstrates the potential opportunities of a sustainable economy.

Speaking of the circular economy, I am working on several projects for lithium and battery materials as well as recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Look for information to come on my website. In the meantime, contact me if you are involved in this market (or just want to talk Icelandic gins).