We’ve all seen those industry videos about equipment.  Look our machine does this!  Look our filter does that!  But demonstrating on camera the efficacy of machinery isn’t the only way to communicate the power of process engineering.  That’s why we’re introducing The P&ID Minute.

As loyal readers already know, at P&ID, we provide a range of services to a variety of clients.  We focus on process development, project management, and engineering services for the chemical, pharma, energy and lithium markets.  We also provide Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services such as conducting market research, evaluating technology and product positioning, or providing white papers, lead training seminars and more.

Lights, camera & action for industry messaging

We’re combining all our skills in a different form of industry video.  Think of The P&ID Minute as a video version of Frequently Asked Questions.  We want to educate and communicate with engaging, interactive video content.  We’ll post our videos on this site and our popular social channels.  Look for each P&ID Minute to address a process application problem with possible solutions.  We’ll provide critical information in a short timeframe to help you solve a plant issue.  Our goal is to allow viewers to jump in and quickly glean a useful takeaway.

Working with my collaborator, Nick Berg, P&ID will highlight in accessible video content process solutions to plant issues, R&D questions, process development, and other issues facing engineers. P&ID brings the technical know-how but relies on Nick to create the multimedia content.

But we’re not just doing this for my P&ID brand.  We can also make our services and our platform available to our partners too.  If you have a unique process solution or specific application knowledge that you want to communicate to the market, we can work with you develop your own video.  Our team can use your existing footage and a recording of a short interview with your experts to highlight your application experience.

These videos might cover:

  • Handling certain chemicals efficiently and safely
  • Best practices for processing food spices, pharmaceuticals, or chemical additives
  • Answer key questions about applications for solids handling, filter media, liquids and gases, cakes, etc.

The options are endless, as are the ways in which we can present the information in these videos.

Cue up The P&ID Minute

The first P&ID Minute is an introduction, like this blog.  Our second short video summarizes my Chemical Processing article, written with my good friend and client, Vinay Devgon, who retired as Director of Technology at Bayer CropScience.

I’m excited about this fresh opportunity to meet my audiences, and yours, with concise, focused video messaging.  I invite you to view our video series or contact me about becoming a platform affiliate.  Let’s figure out a way to get your application knowledge in the hands of process engineers.