Photo by Matteo Vella on Unsplash

So, you may ask, why is P&ID blogging about the Oscars?  Please have patience and let me explain. I promise to connect the little golden statue and octopus creativity to the power of critical thinking.

In November 2019, I blogged about Creativity and Lessons Learned from Octopuses.  In this blog, we talked about how octopuses are creative, intelligent creatures who can problem solve and are masterful mimics. They can even change the texture of their skin to better hunt and evade predators. Plus, they all lack a rigid skeleton, which lets them contort themselves into amazing shapes. The octopus is exposing itself to new environments and always facing predators.  For humans, putting yourself out there and exposing yourself to new backgrounds, experiences, etc. is another way to think critically about problem solving and asking the correct questions.   

Then, at the 2021 Oscars, the winner of the best documentary award was My Octopus Teacher.  Proof, P&ID was ahead of its time.  After all, P&ID is always thinking ahead in the process arena as well as in business strategies and execution.

Meanwhile, don’t miss your chance to view My Octopus Teacher. This story of a human-octopus friendship, directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, follows film-maker and diver Craig Foster as he explores an underwater kelp forest. Foster bonds with an octopus he encounters living near Cape Town, South Africa. This documentary records the untapped wonders of nature and expands the human mind. The movie depicts how the octopus strategizes and problem solves in the marine ecosystem. We also see Foster adapt to a changing environment by asking himself critical questions to work with the octopus.

Power of Critical Thinking

The friendship and collaboration is heartwarming. At the same time, it is a reminder from the world outside of filtration systems of the power of critical thinking. Because he is willing to think in a new way and learn from the octopus and the environment, Foster’s world is forever changed. Just as a process can develop and improve when the engineers and project planners take a step back and find a new way of looking at the problems they are trying to solve.

Even if you don’t watch the movie, you can follow the Sea Change Project for more information. The project is a community of scientists, storytellers, journalists, and filmmakers who are dedicated to the ocean. Their work aims to motivate scientists, policymakers, and individuals to engage meaningfully with nature and protect our oceans. The goal is to protect South Africa’s marine environment by making the Great African Seaforest a global icon. 

What process engineering and business development goals do you have? I hope the documentary will inspire your creative juices while emphasizing the power of critical thinking. Then, contact me and we can discuss your ideas together.